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A Pride Like None Other

As I sit to write this, I feel like this post may come off as very boastful…and I don’t mean it to be. However, getting a Ph.D. is no small task.  Given that I didn’t write about it for at least 5 years, and that I seriously struggled with this degree, I’m going to take … Continue reading »

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Just When You Need it the Most

I love it how there are times in life when I’m really struggling, and God will step in to remind me that in the end, everything will be alright. I’ve had a lot of little moments like that in the past week.  Between everything going crazy with the insurance, school midterms, and academic obligations seeming … Continue reading »

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Wishing for Something Else

There have been a lot of days lately where I have questioned what in the world I am doing. I was warned by several people that these times would happen.  The crushing weight of self-doubt that would make you wonder why you didn’t just stick with whatever you were doing before.  Occasionally wishing that you … Continue reading »

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It’s That Time of Year, Again…

Sorry, this is gonna be a lame blog, as my brain is still on vacation mode.   Anyways, I can’t believe school starts in two weeks!  Wow, where did the summer go?  I felt like I just wrapped up the school year, and here it comes again. I feel torn about this upcoming school year, in … Continue reading »

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Lessons Learned at Summer Camp

Now that I’ve finished working with 3s and 4s at summer camp, I’d like to take a few moments and reflect on my experience with some pearls of wisdom I picked up. 1). Mercedes is a color.You would think that I’m wrong here, but this happened to me twice, with two separate kids, in two … Continue reading »

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Summer Camp

So, I realized last weekend that I’ve pretty much neglected this blog the past few weeks.  Oops.  Things got a little crazy around here, as summer decided to begin in full swing. I am currently spending most of my time alternating between being a graduate student with a research assistantship, and a summer camp counselor … Continue reading »

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It Always Comes Down to the Pro/Con List

I am simultaneously proud, and ashamed, to say that I have accomplished very little on my Spring Break.  Most of my “accomplishments” have been domestic in nature; however, I have finally reached a decision regarding my future. Seigel Hall As of right now, this is where I will be spending the majority of my next … Continue reading »

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Gossip and Rumors

If you know a teacher, chances are he/she will tell you that schools are full of drama, especially at this time of year. March is typically when contracts come out for the following year.  March is when applications for the following year are starting to come out, and March is typically when new people are … Continue reading »

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What Up, Wisconsin?

Click here for more information on the events in Madison, WI.  I won’t say much, as I feel like the photos that I’ve gratefully stolen (from a friend on Facebook) will pretty much sum up my feelings on this matter. But, I will say this: I’m overjoyed, grateful, and occasionally in awe that we live … Continue reading »

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New Year, New Situation

Today was the first day back at school for the kiddies.  Although I wasn’t there with them (if only I called back the random number that phoned me last night!), I did get to sub in Extended Day today–and I’ll be there tomorrow, and Wednesday. Right now I’m in that weird limbo phase, where I … Continue reading »

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