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Be Careful…

…of what you wish for. As the snow was falling crazily yesterday, and DH and I were snuggled up in the house, I had two minor thoughts: how lovely it was to be (mostly) done with school, and DEAR GOD–my loans are only deferred to NEXT month? For the remainder of the day, I decided … Continue reading »

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Blessings and Christmas Lights

With my days significantly numbered as a graduate student, I can’t help but think how blessed my life has been. *I’ve gotten to go to a wonderful institution.  I’ve worked with faculty who have challenged me, and are continuing to challenge me, even as I’m graduating. *I’m finally living with my husband.  It may not … Continue reading »

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Ignorance can be Bliss

In the midst of all of my projects (one of which I should be working on now), I have started my Ph.D. application.  Since then, it seems as if my dream of obtaining a Ph.D. has managed to fall apart. I emailed one of my previous professors (who also happens to be the Director of … Continue reading »

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Don’t Give Up

It’s amazing to me how sometimes I go to church and the sermon is exactly what I need for that point in time. I’ve been struggling quite a bit lately.  Nothing major, but stress of school and student teaching, and life in general is just bogging me down.  There are so many days when I … Continue reading »

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It’s not even 9 p.m. on a Monday evening, and I’m seriously ready to go to bed. When I thought about student teaching, I imagined that it would be stressful, difficult, and perhaps emotionally draining.  I never imagined the sheer exhaustion that could take over my body by merely sitting on the couch. Now, I … Continue reading »

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This past weekend was Mother’s Day, and it got me thinking a lot about my parents, and what it really means to be a parent. At mass on Sunday, we of course recognized all of the mothers and the hard work they do for their children. However, it was really Fr. Gary’s homily that resonated … Continue reading »

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