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Daily Life

The Day Our Life Changed

Written on December 30, 2011 I’m going to be holding this one close to the chest for a while…once we decide to announce this to the world, I’ll make this post public.  For now, it’s just between DH and I. Our lives changed forever today at 3:45 p.m. when I took a pregnancy test. I’d … Continue reading »

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The Life/Work Balance

In a much different way from last semester, this semester is rough.  I don’t know if it’s just one specific class that has me bogged down with just an insane amount of constant work, or if it’s the combination of these four classes that make me wish there was either more time in the day, … Continue reading »

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“Home” for the Holidays

Once again this year, DH and I packed up the cats, and made our Christmas pilgrimage to the north to spend the holiday at his sister’s house.  I really like it when we go there for Christmas, because that means we get to do Christmas with his family, my Dad, and usually my brother-in-law’s family.  … Continue reading »

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Christmas Cheer

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since I’ve posted last.  I guess life got really busy, eh? My life for the past month has been taken over by school, and statistics.  Somewhere in there, I’ve turned 27.  Yikes.  I mentally keep referring to myself as 26.  I keep forgetting that I had a … Continue reading »

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Oh How I Love Her…

After the craziness of last week, I got to come home to a pleasant surprise: my grandma had sent me a card!  Now, it’s not unusual for grandkids to receive cards from their grandparents, nor is it usually terribly exciting.  But, my grandma is different.  The most random, off-the-wall things usually come from Lolo.  And … Continue reading »

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It’s Always All At Once

The statement, “when it rains, it pours” seems to be applicable lately.  Unfortunately, it’s in regard to my health, and at this point, I don’t know what to do. Last March I jacked up my shoulder and neck.  I went to a chiropractor to fix it.  It was feeling pretty good until I went back … Continue reading »

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Wacky Dreams

I’ve always been fascinated by dreams.  I just think it is so neat, the way your brain tries to work through things while you’re sleeping.  However, when my brain and subconscious are working through a lot, I start having some really vivid dreams. I’ve pulled a couple of dream interpretations, just because I always find … Continue reading »

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Can’t Shake the Nostalgia

Sometimes when we go back to Illinois, I get a really bad case of “home-sickness”…which is odd, because I’m actually there when it hits.  But when I’m in STL, I usually don’t miss it (probably because I LOVE the Lou). This trip’s case is/was particularly bad.  We’re back home now (in St. Louis), and I … Continue reading »

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All About the Tam and Tassel

Or, perhaps I look like Toad? Although I technically graduated in December, Wash U waits until May to allow you to walk.  Despite the daunting idea of sitting through more ceremonies…I wanted to wear the tam. Wash U is one of the few schools that I’ve seen that has their Master’s students wear the big … Continue reading »

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*Official* Car Owners

As of yesterday, I am a 100% official car owner.  My title, with my name on it, is in my hand! Yup, we drive a hot car… I am excited.  My car is the first large, long-term purchase I made as a full-fledged adult (bought it after I graduated from college).  It was the first … Continue reading »

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