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The Day Our Life Changed

Written on December 30, 2011 I’m going to be holding this one close to the chest for a while…once we decide to announce this to the world, I’ll make this post public.  For now, it’s just between DH and I. Our lives changed forever today at 3:45 p.m. when I took a pregnancy test. I’d … Continue reading »

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Just When You Need it the Most

I love it how there are times in life when I’m really struggling, and God will step in to remind me that in the end, everything will be alright. I’ve had a lot of little moments like that in the past week.  Between everything going crazy with the insurance, school midterms, and academic obligations seeming … Continue reading »

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Lessons Learned at Summer Camp

Now that I’ve finished working with 3s and 4s at summer camp, I’d like to take a few moments and reflect on my experience with some pearls of wisdom I picked up. 1). Mercedes is a color.You would think that I’m wrong here, but this happened to me twice, with two separate kids, in two … Continue reading »

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Summer Camp

So, I realized last weekend that I’ve pretty much neglected this blog the past few weeks.  Oops.  Things got a little crazy around here, as summer decided to begin in full swing. I am currently spending most of my time alternating between being a graduate student with a research assistantship, and a summer camp counselor … Continue reading »

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Old Baggage

I find it amusing how the little things in life can alter how you feel about something. My husband and I were on the way to the bank yesterday when we got to chatting about my student loan debt.  We have a couple of options regarding how to pay it off, but most of it … Continue reading »

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