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Our BFing Journey

Posted by on August 8, 2013

As World Breastfeeding Week (and my time BFing T) comes to a close, I continue to ruminate about T’s and my breastfeeding relationship.

I am by no means here to proselytize the wonders of breastfeeding.  There’s enough information out there from breastfeeding advocates that can do that for you.  I think that a mother should feed her child in whichever way works for her family and for their relationship.  Mothers have enough to worry about without getting into a pissing match about who’s better for doing whatever (including breastfeeding).  However, that being said, there’s still a lot of controversy and stigma surrounding breastfeeding.  These are my thoughts (and my thoughts alone) regarding the journey that T and I have made together.

I’m really happy I put the work into breastfeeding.  As many, many mothers will tell you, it is no easy task.  For something that is supposed to be “natural,” it’s really hard to figure out, especially in the beginning.  I’m really fortunate that our hospital had a great lactation consultant, and that our pediatrician was a very strong supporter of breastfeeding.  There were a lot of times, especially the first week of T’s life where I wanted to quit.  Let’s be honest, that first week it hurts, you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s frustrating, and you both can spend a lot of time crying.  At least, we did.


Oh hey, Momma! It’s you up there!

Eventually though, it all worked itself out.  There have been very few times since the early weeks where I have thought about quitting.  Although we’ve had a few hiccups along the way (clogged ducts, bites, slow flow, nursing strikes, etc.), overall, I’m really happy with the way it worked out.  T will take milk from a bottle, a sippy, or me, equally happy–probably in different ways–with all of them.

<–I love this photo.  It was taken when T was about 4.5 months and finally started to realize who was feeding her.

Now we’re weaning, and moving T to cow’s milk soon.  Although I still let her BF when she needs to, it’s becoming less and less.  I feel good about what we’ve done.  I’m happy and very grateful that it worked out.  Breastfeeding is really empowering.  Not everyone can do it; and that’s alright.  But, if you get the chance to try, I definitely recommend it.  🙂


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