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Ooooh, I’ve been bad…

Posted by on April 29, 2012

It’s been a REALLY long time since I’ve updated this.  Bad blogger!  Well, in all fairness, I’ve been blogging…just not here.  I’ve been updating the baby blog and a class blog, so this one has just fallen by the wayside.  My apologies!

So, what’s been going on the past six weeks or so?  A lot actually!  I guess I’ll just try to synthesize, because otherwise, this post will be ridiculously long.

*I will officially be taking next semester off to stay home with the baby.  After much thought and debate, my advisor and I decided that this would be the best course of action emotionally, mentally, and academically.  I’ll get about 4 months at home with the little one, and if we’re lucky, he/she will be very close to sleeping through the night by the time I go back to class.  In the meantime, I will occupy myself with a lot of (scholarly) reading, trying to narrow my interests, and frame myself within the research.  If I get the chance to be really productive, I’ll hopefully find a way to churn out a publication.

*I went to Vancouver for the American Education Research Association (AERA) conference.  I fell in love!  Not only was Vancouver itself an amazing, beautiful, friendly city, but the fact that I was there to learn was just so much fun.  I saw a lot of great researchers, had my thinking pushed a little, and got to meet some of the prominent people I read.  Anyone heard of Gloria Ladson-Billings?  (Probably not, unless you’re an education nerd like me).  Yeah, got to meet her and we talked about Wisconsin politics for a good 15 minutes or so.  Additionally, four girls, two beds, one hotel room, and nobody killed or wanted to kill each other.  It was like a long sleepover!  So much fun!

Baby's face is on the right

*M and I can officially feel Stormageddon move.  He/She is a busy bee in there!  There are very specific times where he/she is really active…particularly during my stats class and again later at night.  Perhaps we have a statistician on our hands??  Also, we’re officially half way through the pregnancy.  We had our 20 week appointment and ultrasound this week.  While the ultrasound was so much fun, the face shots are a little creepy.  He/She looks a little like a cyborg in this shot.  Look at that big brain cavity!  But have no fear, when we saw the baby’s face from another angle, it looked a lot cuter!  Also, we could see Stormageddon opening and closing it’s mouth…probably in there complaining…not unlike it’s mother.  😀

*Classes are officially over for the semester!  I just have to finish up a case study (which is A LOT of work), finish a take-home stats test, take a stats final, and write two papers before I’m free for the summer.  Yes it’s a lot, but at the same time, I’m shocked that I’ve made it through this first year.  There were times, particularly in the beginning of this semester when I was exhausted and hormonal that I really didn’t know how I would make it.  But alas, it’s almost May, and another school year is done!

That’s about it for the update.  Hopefully now that school is winding down, I’ll have more time to update things.

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