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Oh How I Love Her…

Posted by on November 24, 2011

Gotta love the USPS!

After the craziness of last week, I got to come home to a pleasant surprise: my grandma had sent me a card!  Now, it’s not unusual for grandkids to receive cards from their grandparents, nor is it usually terribly exciting.  But, my grandma is different.  The most random, off-the-wall things usually come from Lolo.  And I almost always love them.

Lolo (I’ve never called her my grandma Lois) has been special from the beginning to me.  She was in her mid-forties when I was born.  Since she was so young, she didn’t want to be called grandma.  She was Mama Lolo.  We spent Sundays at her house for dinner, and all of my earliest memories of Christmas Eve include her Naperville townhouse.  She took us out on outings, and was usually responsible for our trips to Chicago to see the Nutcracker, and the Marshall Field’s windows.  But most importantly, after my parents were divorced, we spent many days and nights at Lolo’s while my mom worked, or got some kid-free time.  Lolo was someone I could connect with during those awkward tween years when my mom was “annoying” and a “pain in the butt.”

After Lolo moved to Arizona, I started receiving random gifts in the mail.  For a while, I had a pair of socks for nearly every holiday.  As I’ve gotten older, the gifts have started to become more refined.  But even so, you never know what you’re going to get.  While it’s always something small, it’s a cute reminder that Lolo is thinking of us wherever she goes.

She may, or may not be groping a guy in Bora Bora...

She always calls on a holiday, is one of the first to call me on my birthday, and will randomly call me just to check in.  I’ve been truly blessed to have someone so wonderful in my life!  Also, she has a zest for life and travel that I seem to find a lot in myself.  I’m pretty sure we’re kindred spirits in that way.  On this Thanksgiving, I’m really grateful for my crazy family; especially my Mama Lolo.

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