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Living Every Teenage Girl’s Nightmare

Posted by on September 17, 2011

I think almost every woman at some point (but most likely during their teenage years) experienced the same fear: that one day, she would turn into her mother.  If they don’t, they’re either a freak an angel from God, or just deluding themselves.  I, ladies and gentlemen, am living that teenage nightmare.

I think it’s one of those things where my awareness of it grew slowly.  Around my Senior year of college, I started noticing some strong traits pop into my daily life.  As I became a full-fledged adult, with a husband and a home, the signs are there too strongly to ignore.  In many ways, I have become my mother.

Luckily, many of my memories of growing up with my Mom are good ones.  She’s quirky, funny, and occasionally strong-willed (yes, this is code for stubborn).  Some of the strongest traits I think of when I think about my Mom are:

*She talks to animals–any animal.
*She leaves stuff around the house, and SWEARS that she was coming back to get it…eventually.
*She’ll fish almost anything out of the garbage because it is recyclable.
*She was suspiciously willing to watch a kid’s movie much more readily than any adult movie.
*She would bounce around the house.
*She would randomly bust out in song (usually while bouncing around the house).
*She had a propensity for being snuggly, until it annoyed you.
*She would pour herself the tiniest glass of milk…and still not finish it.

The list could go on.  And just how many of these traits do I share with my mother??  ALL of them.  Sigh.  At least I got the fun traits, right?

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