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It’s That Time of Year, Again…

Posted by on August 16, 2011

Sorry, this is gonna be a lame blog, as my brain is still on vacation mode.   Anyways, I can’t believe school starts in two weeks!  Wow, where did the summer go?  I felt like I just wrapped up the school year, and here it comes again.

I feel torn about this upcoming school year, in a lot of ways.  I keep having “school dreams” where I’m back at Community School.  Although I’ll be subbing there this year, I’ll have to keep it to an absolute minimum, as classes will keep me pretty occupied.  But I already miss it.  I miss the kids.  I miss the teachers.  I miss the feeling of setting up the classroom, and the optimism that the new school year brings.  I also miss working with a kid, and the extreme sense of accomplishment I have when the concept finally *clicks*.  I tutored this summer (and might continue this school year, if she needs it), but it’s not the same as teaching.

But, I do have my own schooling to look forward to, right?  I’ve had some good news about the upcoming year: there’s a new advisor for my program, and she’s pretty awesome.  Also, the prof. who teaches the really hard class I’ll have to take is on sabbatical this year, so I’ll be in year 2 when I take her class (rumor has it that she’ll flunk you on your first paper, just to prove to you that you’re not that smart).  Plus, I do get a cubicle in the Grad Student office, so I’ll have a quiet place to go when I want to hang out on campus. 

I think I’m just nervous.  A Ph.D. is such a long commitment.  I mean, I’ll still be in school when I turn 30!  My parents were done having kids and working towards a divorce at that age (not that I want to follow in those footsteps, but yikes–30!).

Right now, I think I need to focus on enjoying the little freedom I have left.  Perhaps some extensive cooking/baking is in order.  🙂

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