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Can’t Shake the Nostalgia

Posted by on June 19, 2011

Sometimes when we go back to Illinois, I get a really bad case of “home-sickness”…which is odd, because I’m actually there when it hits.  But when I’m in STL, I usually don’t miss it (probably because I LOVE the Lou).

This trip’s case is/was particularly bad.  We’re back home now (in St. Louis), and I find myself wishing we were still up north.  I miss my friends.  I miss my Dad.  I miss the Sunday gatherings, and summertime boat outings.  It’s just one of those rare times where I wish we still lived up there.

I know that part of growing up is moving away, and having your own life.  Perhaps this weekend was so hard because my little brother just hit this milestone today.  I saw his Camry packed full of all of his stuff as he drove away to California to start his adult life, and a little part of my heart sunk.

Every once in a while, I just really miss the way things used to be.  But now I’m grown up, with a job, spouse, and home (well, condo) of my own.  I’m 26, and life is just different now.  I guess I’ve got to get used to that.

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