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*Official* Car Owners

Posted by on May 7, 2011

As of yesterday, I am a 100% official car owner.  My title, with my name on it, is in my hand!

Yup, we drive a hot car…

I am excited.  My car is the first large, long-term purchase I made as a full-fledged adult (bought it after I graduated from college).  It was the first large bill that I had to pay on a monthly basis, and now I’m done!

Granted, in the end, I had help…about two months ago, my husband announced that he wanted to pitch in so that it could be paid off early, and so that we would save on the interest.  I really was on the fence about whether or not I should “let” him help pay it off, though.  While we do share the car, it was my responsibility that I had brought into the marriage; I really dislike accepting monetary assistance.  Also, I kind of wanted to do it all on my own so that I could feel like I accomplished it, all on my own.  However, my husband can be pretty persistent about bugging me, especially when it comes to money issues.  In the end, it just made more sense to pay it off early, considering I would lose money by paying interest for that much longer, which would mean that I would have less to pay for other things.

But, I do have one less debt in my name, yay!  Now, if only we can get rid of those pesky student loans, we’ll be in good shape…

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