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All About the Tam and Tassel

Posted by on May 17, 2011
Or, perhaps I look like Toad?

Although I technically graduated in December, Wash U waits until May to allow you to walk.  Despite the daunting idea of sitting through more ceremonies…I wanted to wear the tam.

Wash U is one of the few schools that I’ve seen that has their Master’s students wear the big floppy caps.  Yes, I’m going to sit through boring speakers, butchered names, and possible rain just to wear a hat.  I worked my butt off for it, so it’s not like I haven’t earned it.

But the hat is kind of fun, right?  And the hood isn’t bad, either. 

Aside from my ceremonies on Friday, my brother has his ceremony later that night as well.  In many ways, I can’t believe my little baby brother is old enough to graduate from college, and move across the country…I remember the day he was born.  But, without getting overly sentimental, there’s going to be a huge ache in my heart when he leaves on Sunday.  He and I have always been close (as close as one can be with my brother), and I will really miss our Sunday night dinners, occasional mall trips, and the ability I had to smack him around when he needed it.

Overall, a lot of changes this week.  It’s bittersweet, but it’s one of those moments where life moves on.  At least I get to wear a crazy hat.

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