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Monthly Archives: May 2011

White Wine Risotto

With the weather acting all crazy lately (90’s one day, 60’s the next, lots of rain, etc.), I have had some time on my hands.  Although I should have been spending it on cleaning, or other random household things, I devoted my domesticality to another form of household love…cooking.  If you see a lot of … Continue reading »

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All About the Tam and Tassel

Or, perhaps I look like Toad? Although I technically graduated in December, Wash U waits until May to allow you to walk.  Despite the daunting idea of sitting through more ceremonies…I wanted to wear the tam. Wash U is one of the few schools that I’ve seen that has their Master’s students wear the big … Continue reading »

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*Official* Car Owners

As of yesterday, I am a 100% official car owner.  My title, with my name on it, is in my hand! Yup, we drive a hot car… I am excited.  My car is the first large, long-term purchase I made as a full-fledged adult (bought it after I graduated from college).  It was the first … Continue reading »

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