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What would you grab?

Posted by on April 20, 2011
This should be a sign we have in STL.

Since we moved to St. Louis about a year and a half ago, I’ve heard our tornado sirens go off more times than I can keep track of.  It’s gotten to the point where I now have a storm preparation routine:  take down the cat transport boxes from DH’s closet, close the windows, change into comfortable clothes (usually PJs), and close all doors, so Junior won’t hide under any beds.  This all occurs BEFORE sirens start going off.

We live on the top (3rd) floor of our building.  Our condo faces north, so we rarely get to see what’s coming our way.  We just have to leave it up to the weather forecaster.

Last night was an eerie night.  I went into storm preparation mode around 4:30, when tornadoes starting dropping about an hour north of us.  Three hours later, we still had barely gotten any rain.  I was feeling a little silly for being over-protective.  In fact, the sky started to lighten, and I could see sunlight as the sun began to set.  However, just as I grabbed myself some ice cream from the freezer, the weather forecaster said we were under a tornado warning.  At first I thought he was starting to lose it.  But I looked outside, and sure enough, the wind was picking up, and the clouds were pretty ominous.  Sirens started going off a few minutes later.

Now, in the event of an actual tornado occurring (not just wall/funnel clouds), I’m pretty sure we’d never make it in time.  Cat wrangling is a sport akin to the rodeo.  Someone always ends up angry (usually the animal), and someone always ends up hurt (usually the human).  Regardless, by the time we box up the cats, the worst of it is coming down.  We have NEVER gone down to the basement.

But, if we ever felt the need to go down to the basement, what would we have with us?  Two angry cats, each other, and the clothes on our back.  We might end up down there with our computers (I’m pretty sure M would never leave his behind), and maybe my purse…if I remembered it.  That’s it.

I was thinking about this last night…would I want anything else?  What about my engagement ring?  The sirens always seem to go off *after* I’ve taken my ring off for the evening.  What about our passports, our birth certificates, or anything else that’s important or sentimental?  I’m starting to think I should compile an “oh sh*t!” box, just in case the worst ever happens (tornado, fire, etc.)…but then I begin to think I’m being paranoid.  But then again, it might be worth it to be prepared.

What would you have with you in an emergency?  If you only had about a minute to grab stuff, what would you bring?

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