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Not Putting Up With It

Posted by on March 29, 2011

There are some stories in life that make my blood boil.  Hearing stories of abuse, especially within a married situation, is one of them.

I was raised to be a strong, confident, independent woman (thanks Mom!).  So hearing stories where women are belittled, demeaned, and denigrated just make me want to kick someone in the nuts.  Being a part of an online newlywed forum, I occasionally come across such tales.  For instance, today there was a woman who wanted to know what she could do to make her emotionally, verbally, and sexually abusive husband happier.  He accused her of being “cold” after calling her the c-u-next-Tuesday word, as well as a fat@$$ just 5 weeks after she gave birth…all because she wasn’t willing to appease his sexual appetite.  (There’s a lot more to this story; I can’t share it all).

Now, I’m sorry, but if that man were MY husband, his bags would be packed, and the locks would be changed before he got home from work the next day.  Your spouse is supposed to be your friend, your partner, and your cheerleader.  When they don’t treat you like an equal, something has gone wrong in my mind.

Sadly, I know there are so many abused women who stay with their boyfriends, significant others, and spouses.  They stay because their life is “perfect” on the outside, or they stay for their kids.  Sometimes, they stay because they are too scared to leave. 

Luckily, I have never been put in the situation where I would have to decide.  All I know is that I would be there for any friend (or family member) in those shoes.  I would want to act as a confidante, a friend, and a support.  And, I might assemble a posse to take out their significant other’s knees.  Because honestly, nobody should have to take abuse, especially from within their own home.

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