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It Always Comes Down to the Pro/Con List

Posted by on March 22, 2011

I am simultaneously proud, and ashamed, to say that I have accomplished very little on my Spring Break.  Most of my “accomplishments” have been domestic in nature; however, I have finally reached a decision regarding my future.

Seigel Hall

As of right now, this is where I will be spending the majority of my next four(+) years.  My school’s official offer came in the first day of my Spring Break (March 12), and a decision needed to be reached by the end of this week.  They’re providing full tuition remission, as well as a stipend.  I spent the majority of my break deliberating the consequences of my decision:

Pros: I can realize my end goal around the time I hit 30.
DH and I *should* finish around the same time (ideal for when we search for jobs after we both finish).
The funding is a pretty good deal.
I’ve been nominated for an additional Fellowship (more money, and it looks great on a CV).
I can do some really interesting research.
I will build my own unique program of study.
I will receive individual support from faculty who already know me pretty well.

Cons: My dream job opened at Community School.
I’ll miss getting experience that could be beneficial to my degree later in life (not to mention working with my kiddos).
We will definitely be waiting longer for our own kiddos.
I will have to build my own program of study.
Um, HUGE possibility of failing!

In the end, I’ve decided to accept the University’s offer.  For starters, that option had more Pro’s attached to it.  Also, while I’ve been encouraged to send in my resume to Community, and everyone knows how interested I am in working there, and despite their numerous openings, I have yet to be called for an interview.  Granted, they are on Spring Break until next week, so I doubt they’ve been calling anybody.  However, now that I’ve decided to officially accept the U’s offer, I’m expecting a phone call any day now.  :/  That’s just the way life seems to work.

I spent my spa day doing some soul-searching.  I realized that over the past several months, I started putting constraints on what I wanted to teach, or where I wanted to teach–it became Community School, in grades 1-3.  I just don’t know how happy I’d be elsewhere.

So, it came down to getting offered the perfect position at Community, or getting the chance to go back to school.  Considering I still haven’t heard anything back from Community, and the chances of me actually getting a job there teaching ANYTHING are slim, it looks like I’m going to be a Ph.D. student!

Sometimes, I think you’re just pushed in the direction you need to go…

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