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Gossip and Rumors

Posted by on March 1, 2011

If you know a teacher, chances are he/she will tell you that schools are full of drama, especially at this time of year.

March is typically when contracts come out for the following year.  March is when applications for the following year are starting to come out, and March is typically when new people are hired.  March in schools are a crazy month.  No wonder they need a Spring Break!

One of the rewarding parts of subbing in a school where you student-taught is that you get to know the people, and you get to know them well.  So, when rumors start flying around about who’s leaving, and why, things can get…interesting.

Right now, I’m anxiously awaiting for the openings at my school to be released.  Part of it is curiosity to see if some of these rumors are true, but a bigger part of it is because I’m dying to know what grades will have openings.

Also, rumors are flying at Wash U that I’ve been accepted for the Ph.D. program.  I “interview” next Wednesday before “formal” decisions are released later this month.  (Quotes have been used because the people who send the decisions out have already seen mine, and alluded to me what mine will be…)

Overall, gossip and rumors drive me crazy.  I just want the facts!

Awaiting the truth requires patience.  I’m trying.  Really, I am.  I just want to know what my options are for next year; if I’m destined to be a student, if I’ll get a shot at an interview at my school, or whether or not I would actually have a realistic chance at a job at said school.

Argh!!!  At least I’ve been subbing a lot, while desperately trying to learn how to wait.

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