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Montana Bound

Posted by on January 6, 2011

Bags are packed, and in about a half hour, the husband and I will be leaving to take the MetroLink to the airport.

There are so many mixed emotions about this trip; I had two nightmares alone last night (not about the trip, but more likely induced by the trip).

Background: about 6 months before my May 2009 wedding, my mom decided to divorce my step-father.  Although the divorce itself wasn’t overly surprising, it was pretty nasty.  The fact that she was moving across the country to be with some guy I had never met was also a little shocking.

Fast forward to today.  Mom and SO (significant other) live in the middle-of-nowhere, Montana.  I haven’t seen Mom since my wedding.  M and I are going to a house that I’ve never seen, my mom and SO don’t technically own, and we’ll be staying with someone we don’t know.  (I’ve only met SO for about 1/2 hour; M has never met him at all.)

My nerves–and stomach–are on edge.

I wanted to go; I begged and pleaded for this trip.  I know where they live is absolutely beautiful.  I know that SO is probably not a horrible guy; my sister lives there and says he’s tolerable.  Plus, I’ve missed my mom something terrible.  But now that I’m faced with this situation that is rife with hours of flying, and the potential for awkward conversations…I can’t but help feel a little nerve-racked.  It’s way worse than any wedding jitters I got.

At least I’ve got M with me.  He’ll help keep me calm, and somewhat sane.  He may also kill me for letting him come with me to visit my mother…but alas, we won’t know until we go.

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