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Always a Journalist

Posted by on January 17, 2011

There’s something to be said about the curiosity a journalist holds.  We want to know about why events take place, who is involved, and the implications these events hold.  Some become journalists because they are nosy, and want to know everything.  Others become a journalist because they want to change the world.

I was somewhere in the middle.

Journalists often are portrayed as pushy; willing to do anything to get their killer story.  However, this is not always the case.  While I’ll admit that many journalists do rightfully come off as relentless, many of them have the same burning desire as a researcher: the need to know the “truth.”

Although I have finished with school (and a past life as a journalist), I am still constantly researching and reading.  While I am no longer writing about murders, injuries, and explosions, I am still trying to seek answers about a story that matters to everyone: the education of our neediest students.

Originally, I was a little perplexed as to why I was spending hours on the library database searching for information about charter schools, test scores, and racial implications.  I don’t need it for a story, a paper, or a thesis.  I’m just curious.  But another part of me argued, why not satisfy it, while I still have access to the University library, right?

Although this probably puts me in the major nerd category, I think I’m okay with that.  A spirit of inquiry is what makes a journalist great.  The desire to spend your life seeking answers to questions is what makes a researcher discover things that push the boundaries of existence.  I hope I’m evolving in this direction. 

As anyone in the biz would tell you, once you’re a journalist, you’re always a journalist.  I think my journalistic streak is starting to take a new form.

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