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Surrounded by Babies

Posted by on December 20, 2010

I find it almost comical at how quickly life changes in your 20s.  You go from being a college student, to a job-possessing, home-owning, and occasionally, parenting adult.  

Lately, I feel like my life is surrounded by offspring!  There are an incredible amount of people I know who have just had a child, or are pregnant with a child (or two!), or who are having second and third children.  For this 26-year-old, it’s almost mind-blowing!  Somedays, I feel like DH and I are the only married couple I know who are not procreating!

In that light, I watched a documentary called The Business of Being Born, yesterday.  (For those of you that didn’t know, I’m fascinated by pregnancy and childbirth…I don’t know why…)  It was a really interesting view on how many women feel pressured by doctors and hospitals to give birth in a certain way.  The film showed mothers in New York who chose to have their babies at home, and who work with midwives/doulas to have their children.  Although this film was pretty graphic–I don’t recommend it for the kiddies–it was thought-provoking, and an open view of childbirth.

However, I have to say, after watching this movie, I think I’m going to stick with the no babies plan for a bit longer!  But, it was interesting to see how different our country’s viewpoints are regarding childbirth, especially in regards to the rest of the modern world.

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