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Blessings and Christmas Lights

Posted by on December 7, 2010

With my days significantly numbered as a graduate student, I can’t help but think how blessed my life has been.

*I’ve gotten to go to a wonderful institution.  I’ve worked with faculty who have challenged me, and are continuing to challenge me, even as I’m graduating.

*I’m finally living with my husband.  It may not seem like much, but after a long-distance engagement, and months of living apart after being married, I appreciate the time we have together…even if we usually spend it quietly working on our respective school stuff.

*I got SUPER lucky with my student teaching.  I was placed at a fantastic school, with fabulous cooperating teachers.  Even better, they’ve kept me around to substitute, and now I get paid to hang out with the kiddos.

*My school owes me money!  It should be enough to put a sizable dent in what we’re spending to visit my mom next month.  (We’re going to Montana–yeehaw!)

It’s getting to be Christmas time.  No more being a grinch.  Instead, I need to be happy that I’ve got my tree up, lights are twinkling in the night sky, and I get to go guilt-free shopping!  Oooh, and I have a train around the bottom of my tree.  It actually works.  We like to run it and watch Noelle try to play with it.

Also, my husband is a huge nerd and cut out a Darth Vader snowflake that is acting as our star at the top of the tree.  For some reason, that makes me smile with glee.

As I said to a little one recently:  smile, it makes you feel better.  🙂

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