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Be Careful…

Posted by on December 13, 2010

…of what you wish for.

As the snow was falling crazily yesterday, and DH and I were snuggled up in the house, I had two minor thoughts: how lovely it was to be (mostly) done with school, and DEAR GOD–my loans are only deferred to NEXT month?

For the remainder of the day, I decided to cook and bake up a frenzy, procrastinate on the one LAST paper I have to do as a Masters student, and shove the thoughts of those pesky student loans aside.

Although I managed to make chili from scratch, bake some awesome Chewy Chocolate Ginger Cookies, and completely blow off my paper, those nagging thoughts about my loans kept coming back to haunt me.  How in the world can I afford nearly $400 more a MONTH?  Am I really going to need to get another job?  Is subbing steady enough money?  Ugh, I really shouldn’t have just spent a ridiculous amount to go visit my mom, even if I miss her like none other.

After bemoaning my woes to my wonderful husband, and wishing for about the 100th time to win the Powerball, I let it go.  I’ve got it pretty good; at least I have a warm place to sleep every night.  There are too many people in the world who can’t say that.

Well, today, prayers for more money were answered.  I’ll be subbing all week–the teacher I went in for today broke her ankle.  Yay, lots of money!  (At least relative to the $0 I’ve been making most of this semester).  However, remember that paper I need to do?  Yeah, still need to do that.  And the grocery shopping.  And the Christmas cards.  And the other tasks I’ve meant to do and put off because I had all week.

::Shrug::  I suppose that’ll all get done.  One of those most sane pieces of advice I got from my mom comes to mind:  whenever you get one thing you want, you sacrifice another.  Sometimes, you have to decide what is the smallest sacrifice.

So, if ya’ll don’t get a Christmas card on time, blame the dog that the poor 1st grade teacher tripped over.  In the meantime, I’ve got to get to bed earlier…no more 12 a.m. for this girl!

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