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Posted by on October 6, 2010

I’ve been debating blogging about this, since this is part my story, and part someone else’s.  Regardless, I feel the need to share it.

This semester I encountered a dilemma I had not yet faced in life, and honestly, felt a little unprepared for.

One of my cohort members approached me regarding the guy she was student teaching for.  He was at the school I had observed at last semester, so I knew him; well, was acquaintances with, really.

The day she started to student teach there, he told her that he had previously been accused of sexual harassment.  He made it seem like it wasn’t his fault.  She thought it was odd that he was sharing this, but we both decided that maybe he was required to by the school.

Every once in a while, she would share with me random, odd comments that he made to her on a regular basis.  These comments, while not overly sexual, were definitely close to that line you do not cross.

Fast forward to last Wednesday night, where things really hit the fan.  She was concerned about what was going on, so now I was concerned.

On Friday, I expressed my concern with my University Supervisor about what had been shared with me in confidence.  Within a matter of hours, University representatives interviewed me twice, and determined that my cohort member was a victim of sexual harassment.  Within a few days she was abruptly pulled from her school, her kids, and left without a clue as to what the rest of her semester holds.

I feel incredibly guilty.  I know I shouldn’t.  Even she says I shouldn’t.  But I have effectively screwed up the rest of her semester.  She only had 2.5 more weeks at that school.  Even she said herself that she told the University that she wanted to finish out those last 2.5 weeks.  Now, they’re trying to find her a new school, and talking about extending her student teaching time.

I feel bad that I did this to her.  But I feel even worse that this had to happen to her in the first place.  I know it’s really the guy’s fault for saying and doing what he said and did.  But why is it that in the end, she gets fucked over either way?

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