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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Being 20-Something

The NY Times had a really good article about what it means to be 20-something, now-a-days.  Apparently, more and more 20-somethings aren’t really adults, but are in a transition phase, or “emerging adulthood.” I found the article to be really intriguing, mostly because I could see a lot of truth to it.  30 years ago, … Continue reading »

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Summer is Over :(

It’s the day before Teacher Orientation.  I’m enjoying the beautiful weather on our balcony, and can’t help thinking, “Where did this summer go?”  Really, I’ve been blessed that I actually had a summer this year, but I still feel sad that it’s time to get back to the “real” world. I’m really nervous to start … Continue reading »

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I Gotta Get This Off My Chest…

It’s going to be one of those complain-y blogs, so if you don’t want to hear me whine, turn away now.  😛 As you may know, Bally’s is closed.  Bally’s has been closed for over 2 months now, and I’m starting to go insane. There are so many days when I wake up and fall … Continue reading »

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Note to self:

Don’t blog when tired! My last blog was pretty much a wash…apologies.   I’ve reread it and realized I need to be a bit more appreciative of the good things I’ve got in life. Despite my claim that not a whole lot is/was going on, I lied.  Last weekend I took an impromptu trip up to … Continue reading »

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Hello Blog

I’ve been neglecting you! Sadly, not a whole lot interesting/enlightening to report.  Last week I made a last-minute trip up to Wisconsin/Illinois for my (second) cousin’s bridal shower, and this weekend I have my in-laws in town!  I love having family around.  Sometimes it gets a little lonely with just the two of us and … Continue reading »

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