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Wanted: A Good Night’s Sleep

Posted by on July 20, 2010

Shoot dang, the past couple of days have been tiring.

We went on Saturday evening to pick out our new baby!

This is Noelle.  🙂

We picked her up from a cat rescue…she was a part of an abandoned litter.  She is the cutest, tiniest, littlest bugger.  She’s always happy to see people and purrs the entire time you’re in the room.  We’re slowly integrating her by keeping her locked up in our room, which means that we have an 11 week old kitten snuggling/playing with us all night.  She’s so tiny and loves to curl right up in between your shoulder and arm, so I’m constantly fearful of smushing her.  I think we’ve been unconsciously trained to wake up any time we move to ensure she doesn’t get squished!

Last night I had to abandon my hubby and the baby cat due to a combo of icky stomach and previous lack of sleep.  Ha ha–side note–DH was the one who was more hesitant about getting a kitten, but my goodness, she is definitely “Daddy’s girl” and you can tell he loves her to pieces!  Anyways, it was weird to sleep in another room, but I had Junior keeping me company all night. 

It’s strange because I’m so afraid of something happening to this little cat.  She’s super hyper (what kitten isn’t), but she was front-declawed a week ago today, as well as spayed.  We already had to take her back to the vet yesterday because her paws were irritated.  I can’t help but thinking, If I’m this anxious over a cat, I’m going to be one crazy parent.  :/  It’s weird how attached to animals some people (including myself) become.

Ah well, I’m sure I’ll get some sleep, and be less anxious, in the near future.  I hope.

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