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I Think I’m Going Certifiable…

Posted by on July 10, 2010

Certifiably insane that is!

I was at the Wash U gym (I finally caved…Bally’s is still closed and it’s too gosh-darned humid to be outside) and the idea of looking in to the Fulbright Program randomly popped into my head. One of Wash U’s MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) students did it this year, so maybe that’s why I thought of it? Anyways, I decided I’d do a little researching: Fulbright Program.

Here’s what I found–I could spend 9 months in Italy during the 2011-2012 school year, if I apply this year. They specifically say that Masters students and people with experience in Education are encouraged to apply…well, that’s ME! They are looking for 3 people to come work in either an Elementary or Secondary School as an English Teacher, or American Studies Teacher (obviously, having Elementary in my degree, I’d hope to go the Elementary route). Additionally, you teach half-time, and research half-time. Perfect for starting a Ph.D. program! Also, they pay for your traveling costs, health benefits, and your work.

End of info online. Now comes the tricky part…deciding if I actually want to apply or not.

Pros: experience of a lifetime, I LOVE Italy (like almost obsessed, in love), would be making money teaching AND researching at the same time, and it’s extremely prestigious.

Cons: I’d be gone for 9 months…away from my husband 🙁 in a foreign country, and 2011-2012 is when I’d like to start my Ph.D (so I would be another year behind my hubby).

Additionally, a pro/con: Since I’d be gone for such a long time, there would definitely be no babies being born in 2012 for us! 🙂

Regardless of all of this, I’m going to speak with the Fulbright coordinator on Wash U’s campus to get a little more information. DH and I talked about it last night, and he’s of the opinion that assuming I like what I hear, I should go for it. No harm in applying, right?

In other news, I received a $750 scholarship yesterday! Unfortunately, they send it to the school, and not me. Since I currently am fully-funded at Wash U, I don’t know if I get that money reimbursed to me, or if I get a nice pat on the head for bringing them some money. I vaguely recall them saying during orientation that they reimburse you, and then some…but with my poor memory, who knows? I guess I’ll find out.

End of craziness. Off to the coffee shop to get reading done!

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