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Posted by on July 26, 2010

Literally a few minutes after my post on Saturday, I managed to break the LCD on my computer screen.  🙁

First, a little background.  DH is a computer scientist.  I have not *personally* owned a computer (one that I’ve bought and paid for) since my short-lived stint with TFA (Teach for America) nearly 3 years ago.  I have been using computers that have been “given” to me.   Lately, I’ve been using DH’s old MacBook because Wash U gave him a brand spanking new one to use for his Ph.D. last fall.  So, all of the computers in this house (his, mine, my old one) are technically his.  Oh, and have I mentioned that being a computer scientist, computers are his first love?

Anyway, Saturday night the weather started getting nasty very quickly.  I decided to check out and see what was up.  There was this huge line of storms coming, and DH came over to check out the radar.  I turned my computer (as it was on my lap) and it just slipped!  I’m pretty sure it hit the coffee table on its way down, but either way, as soon as I picked it up, I knew the LCD was cracked.  Now I have a pink line running down the middle of my screen, and a crack across it, with a large chunk of the screen discolored.  No good.  [Insert several expletives here].

I thought the man was going to kill me.  Luckily, I married someone with an unimaginable constraint on his temper and I merely got out of it with some mild mockery for the remainder of the weekend (and probably for a good while to come).  As he said, “It’s just stuff.”  This is completely different from how I was raised.

His comment made me realize that a lot of times we put a lot of value on things that don’t really matter at the end of the day.  Am I still pissed that we’ll have to spend extra money to fix my screen because I was clumsy?  Yes.   But is it something that I should agonize over?  No.

I’m so glad that I married someone who is truly my better half.  🙂

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