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Monthly Archives: July 2010


Literally a few minutes after my post on Saturday, I managed to break the LCD on my computer screen.  🙁 First, a little background.  DH is a computer scientist.  I have not *personally* owned a computer (one that I’ve bought and paid for) since my short-lived stint with TFA (Teach for America) nearly 3 years … Continue reading »

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Semi-Lazy Weekend

Now that I’m finishing up with my summer classes, I have unexpected amounts of time on my hands…and actually get to do something other than homework all weekend!  Well, I SHOULD be studying, but I know I’ll do plenty of it this week coming up. We have been busy people in the last 24 hours!  … Continue reading »

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Wanted: A Good Night’s Sleep

Shoot dang, the past couple of days have been tiring. We went on Saturday evening to pick out our new baby! This is Noelle.  🙂 We picked her up from a cat rescue…she was a part of an abandoned litter.  She is the cutest, tiniest, littlest bugger.  She’s always happy to see people and purrs … Continue reading »

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Craziness Continues!

I started my Fulbright application today. I met with the coordinator this morning, and it just seems like an opportunity that I can’t pass up. Even though I fully expect to get rejected, I feel like if I never applied I would always wonder, “what if?” (Okay, I’m lying…I wouldn’t bother applying if I didn’t … Continue reading »

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I Think I’m Going Certifiable…

Certifiably insane that is! I was at the Wash U gym (I finally caved…Bally’s is still closed and it’s too gosh-darned humid to be outside) and the idea of looking in to the Fulbright Program randomly popped into my head. One of Wash U’s MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) students did it this year, … Continue reading »

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Healthy Food FAIL

You have to know going in to a holiday weekend that whatever ideas of healthy eating you have are going to fly right out the window…but, being the optimistic idiot I am, I figured I could maintain my semi-healthy lifestyle. Yeah, didn’t happen. We had a ton of fun on the boat. We also had … Continue reading »

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Life on a Boat

We’re going boating today, and I’m just so excited that I have to share! 🙂 When I lived in IL the past two summers, I would go boating at least once a month (usually more) with my dad and Sharon. Needless to say, this summer I have hard-core missed getting to go! But today I … Continue reading »

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Sprucing it Up!

I decided to take to re-vamp the blog a wee bit…with a little help from one of my blogging/TN buddies (thanks Yasi!!!). Seems like I’m trying to change a lot of little things in my life right now. DH and I are going to take a pseudo-spur of the moment trip up to IL for … Continue reading »

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