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Posted by on June 5, 2010

I was putzing over on the Weddingbook, The Nest, and Mommyhood Apps on Facebook (one of my favorite ways to kill time) and this thought occurred to me: DH and I are VERY traditional.

One thread on Weddingbook was a woman asking whether she should have a baby, or a wedding. Um, hello? Cart before the horse, anyone? And so many other women are constantly talking on Mommyhood about how they want to try to conceive NOW and their wedding is in 2011.

My question:
What’s the huge rush?

DH and I have been happily married for over a year now. Sure, every once and a while I am bitten by the baby bug and I have that itch for a bit…but like a mosquito bite, I treat it, and it goes away. I don’t EVER scratch it! Or, I scratch it for a short bit and tell myself to stop. ;D

Nannying for a 2 year old has definitely cleared up any starry-eyed notions I had about children. Sure, would I love a cuddly little baby to snuggle? Absolutely. Do I want to deal with waking up at 3 a.m. to feed mini-red? Not really.

*I enjoy sleeping in–and sleeping, period. DH and I still act like kids and have tickle-wars. I cannot live without our weekend trips to the coffee shop. And most importantly, we really want to be more financially secure before having a child.

Why does it seem like this mindset is no longer the norm? Since when has the mid-20s become the barren age for having children? It seems like you’re either doing it when you’re really young and dumb(>23), or financially stable (30+). I understand that most will argue that you are NEVER truly financially ready, but I think that logic has to outweigh your desire for a bundle of joy.

Perhaps that is why DH and I are “traditional.” Logic dictates that you date for several years so you can get to know one another, decide to get married, tie the knot, buy a house, and THEN have children once you have the space and ability to support them. You’re going to be an adult the rest of your life. What is the rush to thrust your offspring onto the world?

Would I love a baby? Of course. However, sometimes logic has to rule.

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