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Posted by on June 16, 2010

I guess I’m one of those weird people who believe in karma, and life just seems to keep throwing me things that reinforce this belief.

I’m in a summer Astronomy class (I need 6 credits of undergrad-level science to graduate on time with my Masters). I waited until the day class started to get the book, as I was planning on checking it out from the library. I get there to find out it is currently on hold. What? I had checked the night before, and it was totally fine then. The woman behind the counter told me that the hold had come in earlier that day, after she had pulled all of the books being held, so *technically* it wouldn’t be on hold until the following day, and I could check it out since I was there and the book was still on the shelf. Cool.

Apparently, not so cool. I’m a week and half into class and now there are 3 people waiting on this book, and it is due on Monday (one of them is my lovely DH). I had thought by 2 weeks into a class that the other person would have given up and found the book elsewhere. Nope; and now ANOTHER person wants it!

I could be really evil and hold on to it and incur the late fees. The fees would be cheaper than buying the book (even from Amazon!). But, I’ve got a feeling that karma would really bite me big time if I did that. I already feel semi-guilty for getting to the book first.

Making it worse is how book-heavy this course is, coupled with the fact that I have to get at least a B in it to get credit for it. Let’s be honest, if I get less than an A in it, I will feel dumb, considering it is a community college class…but it’s really HARD!

What to do? What to do? I’m looking into getting the 4th Edition from the library, which is 2 editions older, but I’m running out of options. Do I be evil and make others suffer, or do I, and possibly my grade suffer? Le sigh.

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