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Posted by on May 4, 2010

A lot of different things the past few weeks have really got me thinking a lot about tolerance.

Definition: the quality of allowing other people to say and do as they like, even if you do not agree or approve of it.

There are a lot of vocal, intolerant people. What is unfortunate is that these people teach their children intolerance, thus perpetuating the vicious cycles of hate that plague not only our country, but also our world.

All we need to do is look around us…examples of intolerance are not hard to find.

That’s why, when I’m a teacher, one of my main goals is to teach my children tolerance and respect. Respect and tolerance is the way to harmony within the world, and it is a teacher’s duty to model this belief to his/her class.

Many schools are realizing that teaching young children tolerance is the answer to bullying problems. Check out for more info.

Let’s face it, tolerance needs to start at home. Parents need to teach their children that it is not okay to harass others for being different. Instead of being fearful of difference, they should embrace that disequilibrium and try to learn more.

I wonder what the world would be like if we were all allowed to be ourselves without being judged and without judging others. I’d bet it would be a happier, friendlier place.

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