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Nest Building

Posted by on May 18, 2010

Tonight while the dear hubby and I were each acting in very domestic ways, this thought crossed my mind: “Wow, we’re like little nest builders.”

This week we’ve been working on painting the living room. It’s gone from beige to…drum roll…BEIGE!

Ha ha. We basically tried to find the closest color match possible because we liked the previous color, but needed to get rid of the scuff marks and scratches left from the previous owners.

It never ceases to amaze me all of the little things we think of to do around the condo. DH is ALWAYS finding a project (we’ve recently put together a wish-list), and I feel like I’m constantly on a quest to try something new in the kitchen.

For example, I am currently on a mission to bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Seems simple enough, right? WRONG! No matter how hard I try (following the recipe to a T, deviating, using different pans) I cannot bake a soft cookie to save my life! I want a little crispy edge, and a soft, chewy middle. Instead, I get cookies that look promising as they come out of the oven; but in no time, they are flat as pancakes, and as crispy as a chip. Anyone have anything that can help??

As I think about these little projects, I become grateful that we didn’t get a house. Just think of all the things we would think of to do in the yard!

It didn’t take long, but we’ve become such an old married couple. ;D

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