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Race and Culture

Posted by on April 8, 2010

Tonight we had an interesting discussion in my Social Studies content class that has provoked a number of questions within me.

First, how often do you take to think about your race? For me, I never really took the time to think about it, as I am white…technically the race with the power. Funny, I’ve never really felt like I had any power. But, I guess when I look around me to find what is the “ideal” way to live, it’s chock full of “white values.” Big house, straight hair, light skin, good education. These are all things I take for granted.

Second, how much do you think about your heritage? Have you ever wondered where you/your family came from? Imagine not knowing…many Black Americans have no clue what their true heritage is. All they know is that it’s African. I suppose I’m glad to know that I have German, Austrian, Irish and English in me. I’m super curious about what all I came from, but chances are it’s some form of European peasantry.

How does my race matter when interacting with others? Am I just seen as another white girl?

So many questions…not enough time to look for the answers, as I have so much homework to do.

Perhaps that Ph.D. is calling even more strongly than I thought.

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